04.14.2015 Dr. Daniel Adler presenting Armenia findings at Annual Meeting of Paleoanthropology Society

Paleoanthropology Society
2015 Annual Meeting
April 14-15, 2015
Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Posters, Tuesday, April 14:

Developing geochemical and magnetic studies of obsidian lithic assemblages: A case study in the Hrazdan, Valley, Central Armenia. Presentation by: Frahm, E., D. Adler, J. M. Feinberg, K. N. Wilkinson and B. Gasparyan.

Hominin population dynamics and dispersals in the Armenian highlands and Anatolia: New data from Barozh 12, a Middle Paleolithic open-air site on the edge of the Ararat Depression, Armenia. Presentation by: Glauberman, P., B. Gasparyan, S. Kuhn, K. Wilkinson, E. Frahm, Y. Raczynski-Henk, H. Haydosyan, S. Napapetyan, D. Arakelyan and D. Adler.

Oral Presentations, Wednesday, April 15:

Paleolandscape context for Lower-Middle Paleolithic activity in the Hrazdan Valley, central Armenia. Presentation by: Wilkinson, K., D. Adler, S. Blockley, E. Frahm, D. Mark, C. Mallol, S. Nahapetyan, and B. Gasparyan.

Early Levallois technology and the transition from the Lower to Middle Paleolithic in the southern Caucasus. Presentation by: Adler, D., K. Wilkinson, S. Blockley, D. Mark, E. Frahm, B. Schmidt-Magee, P. Glauberman, Y. Raczynski-Henk, O. Joris and B. Gasparyan.

Download entire program here.