Armenian Social Work Project

The relationship between UConn and Yerevan State University provides an invaluable experience for School of Social Work students wishing to do international research and field study, and is an excellent opportunity for cross-cultural learning and networking. Students engaging in the course and/or travel experience can expect to learn differing approaches to social work and social welfare systems, as well as gaining cultural knowledge and expertise about Armenia. Students should expect to be part of a research delegation, and field research will be a significant component of their time spent in Armenia.

This program is open to graduate students at the School of Social Work who complete the Comparative Social Welfare Policy Between the U.S. and the Second World online course, regardless of their concentration. Between 4 and 6 students are selected each year on a competitive basis. 

The program stipulates cultural awareness and exchange between UConn and Yerevan State University students. Within the last few years, a research component has been added to the program in addition to the cultural exchange. UConn students are involved in the research process from beginning to end, from obtaining IRB approval to conducting interviews in Armenia to transcribing interviews upon return to the US. Yerevan State University students serve as translators during the interviews. The entire process facilitates unique exchange between UConn and YSU students and the opportunity to explore shared social work values.

Students who participate in this program can expect to capitalize on the learning from the semester and get a firsthand understanding of social work in Armenia as well as diverse cultural contexts. UConn students and faculty travel as a group and support each other throughout the entire trip. Faculty from both UConn and YSU supervise the experience and provide support if any issues arise.

For more information and to apply, follow this link to Education Abroad. For additional information, please visit the School of Social Work International Field Placements Site.