Armenian Memory Project

Led by the Office of Global Affairs, in collaboration with the Gladstein Family Human Rights Institute and Department of Digital Media & Design, an initiative is underway to create a variety of digital media telling the Armenian story--ensuring that history and heritage is not lost.

The Course

The Department of Digital Media & Design offers a special topics course, cross-listed with the Human Rights Institute and the Honors Program, in which students created a digital representation of a single Western Armenian community from the pre-1915 Ottoman Empire. Drawing from primary sources in archives, memoirs, photos, maps, interviews, and first-person narratives, the final project is a documentary video about the Armenian town of Marsovan. This has been embedded into the Human Rights Film & Digital Media initiative.

This class serves as a pilot project for a much larger initiative to recreate the lost worlds of Western Armenian communities that once flourished on their historic homelands but no longer exist in present-day Turkey. Reviving communal life, cultural, religious, educational and economic practices, the initiative aims to create a multi-dimensional world from largely print based sources for the layperson and students of history.

Omeka Online Exhibit Selections

Armenian Genocide: Through Her Eyes

Armenian Warriors

Armenian Identity Preserved Through Books

Family Bonds Through Time

Future Generations

Rebuilding Home

Preservation of Memory and Family Through Jewelry

Film Selections

Spring 2023 Student Film Productions:

Armenian Identity: A Spirit of Survival and Unity

The Black Hole of Memory


The Memory Keepers

Fall 2020 Student Film Production: The Dildilians: A Story of Photography and Survival

(DMD 3998/HRTS 3540: Visual Storytelling Through Human Rights Archives | Instructor: Catherine Masud)

Fall 2020 Panel Discussion

Spring 2019 Student Film Production

(DMD 2200 Motion Graphics 1 | Instructor: Prof. Anna Lindemann)