Armenian Memory Project

Led by the Office of Global Affairs, in collaboration with the Human Rights Institute and Department of Digital Media & Design, an initiative is underway to create a variety of digital media telling the Armenian story--ensuring that history and heritage is not lost.

The Course

The Department of Digital Media & Design offers a special topics course, cross-listed with the Human Rights Institute and the Honors Program, in which students created a digital representation of a single Western Armenian community from the pre-1915 Ottoman Empire. Drawing from primary sources in archives, memoirs, photos, maps, interviews, and first-person narratives, the final project is a documentary video about the Armenian town of Marsovan. This has been embedded into the Human Rights Film & Digital Media initiative.

This class serves as a pilot project for a much larger initiative to recreate the lost worlds of Western Armenian communities that once flourished on their historic homelands but no longer exist in present-day Turkey. Reviving communal life, cultural, religious, educational and economic practices, the initiative aims to create a multi-dimensional world from largely print based sources for the layperson and students of history.

Spring 2019 Student Film Production

(DMD 2200 Motion Graphics 1 | Instructor: Prof. Anna Lindemann)

Fall 2020 Student Film Production: The Dildilians: A Story of Photography and Survival

(DMD 3998/HRTS 3540: Visual Storytelling Through Human Rights Archives | Instructor: Catherine Masud)

Fall 2020 Panel Discussion